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Legal Documents

Investment Documents

Please see below for general investment documents. Specific documents will be allocated to each offering.

To see or download any legal documents, please click on any of the links below. 

Crowdfunding Place Investors Terms and Conditions

Crowdfunding Place General Articles of Assosiations ( for SPV )

Crowdfunding Place General Head Terms Option to Buy Agreement

Crowdfunding Place General Shareholders Agreement 

Crowdfunding Place Fund Withdrawal Form

Compliance Documents

Please see compliance documents in regards to the Financial Conduct Authority conduct of regulated business: 

To see or download any of the compliance documents, please click on the relevant link below

Crowdfudning Place SCDD 

Crowdfudning Place Conduct of Business

Investment Risk Warnings

Crowdfunding Place Legal Documents

Please see internal legal documents in regards to Crowdfunding Place

To see or download our internal legal documents, please click on either link below

Crowdfunding Place Privacy Policy 

Crowdfunding Place Website Terms & Conditions

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